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About Us At B&B Custom Circuits:

At B&B Custom Circuits, we are focused on providing quality services & products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

B&B Custom Circuits is the electrical division of B&B Chevy II Performance. The Custom Circuits division was established in 1975 to help our parent company B&B Chevy II Performance (est in 1968) with quality electrical wiring harnesses, component parts, and custom wiring and design for the early GM Chevrolet line of classic cars, especially our specialty 1962-67 Chevy Nova's! As time progressed, Custom Circuits moved into Antique Cars & Trucks, along with Streetrods, Drag Race Cars, and eventually into the Antique Tractor arena. Although we offer electrical components to all Antique Tractors, our specialty is focused on our Allis-Chalmers customers! We don't have wiring systems available for all AC model Tractors yet, but slowly but surely, we're making progress! As we progress, we hope to cover all of the AC model Tractors. Our wiring system kits are patterned after the original wiring harnesses that were found in the different AC model Tractors, so you the installer will not have any troubles when installing our new wiring system kits. If you have any questions about the installation of one of our kits, tech support is just a phone call away! Quality of parts, & products are only half of what we at B&B offer. Service is the other half! When the time comes for your next restoration, whether Car, Truck,Tractor or Garden Tractor, give us a call at B&B Custom Circuits. We'll be happy to help you with any information, tech support, or answer any electrical questions that you may have.

Thank You for choosing B&B Custom Circuits!!

Steve & JoAnna Barbato (and Lilia too!)

The Design & Concept Of Our Wiring System Kits:

About Our Wiring Kits........

Because Tractors in general are always working in different types of weather and conditions, stored in sheds, in barns, and sometimes outside under Tree's & tarps, wiring, connections, and the electrical components that make up the wiring system take a beating from Mother Nature and her elements that she puts upon an old hard working Tractor. Just like an old Tractor's paint fades from the elements, so does the electrical wiring & components on board take the same route. I took this into consideration when I decided to build a wiring system that could put up with those types of conditions, yet still "hold up" to the riggers of operation on board a Tractor that has no suspension, shakes its operator, (and itself) as it pulls many plows behind it turning up the soil for the next season's crops. I needed to come up with a wiring system that could handle all those scenario's and then some.

In my quest to design a "bullet proof" system, I decided to the move to using Marine wire instead of a Automotive Primary wire as the basis for our wiring systems. The Polyethelene jacket that covers the copper core wire was designed just for that purpose, and is pretty impervious to moisture and anything that Mother Nature could throw at it. This does make the wire almost twice the price of regular primary Automotive wire, but the longevity would far outlast its Automotive cousin. Being Marine wire was designed specifically for Boats, the vibration theory along with the moisture concept, to me, made even more sense that it should work great on a Tractor with the same issues. The copper wire inside this Marine wire is "tinned" which helps to keep out corrosion. My idea of using a weathertite crimp connector made even more sense to pursue the "bullet proof" theme of the system, and I decided to go that route. The end result was a pretty much "bullet proof" wiring system just what I was looking to design for our customer's.

Following up with the rest of the design idea's of our wiring systems, color coding, numbered circuitry, and adding labeled brass and stainless hardware packets actually put the wiring system into "kit" form. Who wants to waste time looking for screws, nuts n' bolts to put the system together? Well, you don't have to. I put all that in the kit! For a lot of the early Allis machines, I designed a step by step wiring instruction sheet that the installer could use as a guide along with a matching color coded CAD wiring diagram to insure correct hook-up, and to insure a safe and correct install. 

After over 20 years of building these wiring systems for our customer's, I'm happy to say, we're still going strong building "bullet-proof" systems. Each one of our wiring systems is built for YOUR Tractor. There's no "generic" system. They are built from each customer's information given when the order is taken. A "build sheet" is constructed when the order is made, and the system is built per our customer's information and instructions. Some of the circuitry needs to be finished for a perfect fit to the Tractor. We don't take all the fun out of it. This eliminates what we call the "clothesline look". The installed system looks clean, neat, & professional. And YOU installed it! Again, we Thank You our loyal customer's for choosing B&B Custom Circuits for your wiring needs over and over again! We're always working on getting more new systems designed for the different model AC Tractors. So, whether your Tractor is a hard worker in its work clothes, a hobby Tractor, or a show Tractor, install a B&B wiring system on board. It'll be your last wiring system your Tractor will ever need.. Order up a system today!

Steve Barbato Sr./Owner/Designer/Builder

System Features

* Weathertite Shrink Tube Connectors *

Polyethelene Crosslinked Marine wire, numbered color coded circuitry, along with weathertite shrink tube connector ends makes for a pretty "bullet-proof" wiring system. Our cotton woven Tar/Fiberloom ain't a bad addition either for system OEM look and cleanliness!

Using Original Harnesses To Pattern Our Upgraded Wiring Systems

The D10/12 Instrument Panel & OEM Harness


Our custom built systems are patterned after the OEM wiring harnesses. This is so our harnesses will fit perfectly in your Tractor for a nice, clean installation! Sub wiring comes off the main harness wiring exactly in the same spot as the original. Original instrument panels are used also when possible for a more exact fit behind the panel. Fit improvements are also made better than OEM.

Rear View D10/12 Instrument Panel & Harness


Most of these OEM wiring harnesses are boarderline at most, so as we go through the original wiring, some circuitry in our wiring is upgraded 1 gauge or so higher in wire size to handle loads much better. This greatly improves the wiring system and makes it much more reliable! We also offer optional heavier Ignition switches also to handle loads much better for the 6V or 12V systems that we build.


Color coding is important when building new wiring systems especially when the installer is using the OEM service manual wiring diagrams as an aid. From the "D" series wiring on up, we use the same color coding as OEM. We also include a new fuse holder(s) with our kits to give you as much new components as possible. These are also available separately from our kits.

System Options

* B&B Repair Circuitry Sections*

About Our Wiring System Repair Circuitry....

In some cases where a wiring harness or system has not be subjected to to much abuse, some circuitry can be replaced in sections of the system where the circuitry that is faulty or brittle or even burnt from a short, can be saved by just repairing the circuitry that needs to be replaced. Depending on the size of the wiring system itself, this can save the owner quite a bit of money! This is where our Wiring System Repair Circuitry section comes in. We offer new circuitry for different parts of certain wiring systems where a short or corrosion can cause a major problem. By adding in just the repair circuitry of the section that needs to be replaced, the system is totally functional once again. And, with big systems, at a fraction of the cost of a complete wiring system! If your wiring system on board your Tractor needs to be "freshened up" in a spot or two, it might be worth the cost to repair just that section to get that Tractor back to work! We offer our Wiring System Repair Circuitry for the large AC Tractors as well as the AC & Simplicity Garden Tractors. More repair kits will be added as time goes on. If you know of a problem spot on a certain AC Tractor, drop us a line and let us know. We'll make a kit....

Shown is our Headlight Repair Circuitry For Model B,IB,C & CA Tractors. Part number 1504-01A

Custom Starter Motor Rebuilding

* 12 Volt Upgrades Done! *

A Little On Our Rebuilt Starter Motors .....

Our rebuilt Starter motors get torn down to the bare bones! The chassis (case) is cleaned in and out, glassbeaded, and painted. ALL of our Starter motors when available get new rewound Armatures installed in them. After all, the Armature is the heart of the unit when it comes to power and most important Torque! You can't expect to get top performance & torque out of a Starter motor with an Armature in it that's been in service for 65+ years! If you're going to rebuild a unit, you do it the right way. At B&B we do just that. Our units may be more expensive than other rebuilder's but its a "get what ya paid for" kinda thing. Bolt that Starter in with confidence and put that Tractor back in service! We have a few of the popular Starter motors here on our website for exchange, but we also will rebuild your unit if we do not have an exchange at the time. If you decide to send your Starter motor to us for rebuilding, we will go through it top to bottom and send you a quote via e-mail to let you know exactly what it will cost to rebuild before any work is started. Major parts such as nose cones, or damaged chassis' will be extra. Shipping will also be included with your quote. Be aware, as these units get older and older, parts get tougher and tougher to get. At B&B, even though we stock many parts for rebuilding, we don't have it all, but we'll do our best to build you an excellent, reliable unit for many, many, years of service. Like anything else we rebuild, we stand behind our products!

Things You Can Do To Enhance The Starting System:

You can also do something for us as well as for yourself. Inspect all components that work with the Starter motor and cranking system such as Battery, Cables, Ignition switch, Flywheel ring gear, mounting points (for grounding) etc. to insure that when your new Starter motor comes back to you, it will perform flawlessly for many years. Remember, these components if in poor condition will not deliver the power needed to keep your Starter tip top and can make a perfectly good Starter motor fail! Make sure ALL components in the Starter system are in excellent working condition, and are ready to perform their task. B&B Starters are tough!

The Heart of Power & Torque

Custom Rewound or New Armatures

New or Rewound Armatures turn our rebuilt Starter motors into powerhouses. Combined with other new components inside the case makes our Starter motors pretty tough to beat! Its time to retire that 65+ year old Arm and add some "new life" to your Starter! It'll be good for another 40 years or more! For those customer's who are building pulling Tractors, we can build a pretty stout Starter to turn those high compression competition puller engines over! Give us a call and we'll chat about it....

B&B Custom Built 12 Volt Conversion Wiring Systems!

Our 12V conversion systems are designed to add more versatility, safety, and expandability to our Allis-Chalmers customer's Tractors. Our standard 12V conversion system comes with a totally rebuilt Delco 10 "SI" series Alternator for the charging chores. Downstream from that Alternator is a SunPro Voltmeter which replaces the Ammeter for safety and accurate charging rates. When a later model Alternator is used in a system, an Ammeter is to dangerous to have downstream. Should a "short" occur on board the Tractor, these later model Alternators with their built-in regulators ramp up fast to overcome whatever load is put on the system. These regulators do not know the difference between a "short circuit" and you turning on the Headlights. A load is a load, and these Alternators will try to overcome that load immediately! In most cases on AC machines, the instrument box that houses the Ammeter is located right between your legs. The last thing you need is a fire between your legs at the Ammeter! Not good! ALL of our 12V Alternator wiring systems are wired for a Voltmeter. Our 12V Generator systems can be built for our customer's with an Ammeter or a Voltmeter. When using an Ammeter, we highly recommend using a 60/60 sweep Ammeter. Most 12V Generators will full field at around 40-50 amps. With a 60/60 sweep Ammeter, you'll have a safety margin on the 12V system, so in case of an overcharging issue, the system will still be within the safe zone.

Instrument Panel Layout & Idea's

Keep your wiring neat & clean!

As with our 6V wiring systems, our 12V conversion

systems also come with new hardware to make all connections new! Brass hardware packets aid in making your conversion a nice install.

Depending on the Tractor, instrument box layout is up to the installer. There are different ways in order to layout your instrument box to your own tastes. The main thing is to make sure there are no switches grounding against one another or against the inside of the box itself. This will cause some big time fireworks! And when it comes to Fireworks in the instrument panel, that's not fun!

Most instrument boxes are pretty tight inside, so extreme caution is to be used when planning out your layout. Take in consideration when you lay things out, that your wiring is still kept nice in neat inside the instrument box for easy trouble free operation. This pic shows the ever popular instrument box used on the B, IB, C, & CA model Tractors. Things are tight, but their like Prego. They're in there! A nice neat and tidy instrument box is a happy instrument box!

If you have any questions on our 12V conversion systems don't hesitate to give us a call. Also, if you have any idea's that you think would be a help to us, or our customer's don't hesitate to call or e-mail and give us your idea's! We're always looking to improve our products, and the more idea's and designs that come in, the better the product can be! If you decide to upgrade from 6 volts to 12 volts, give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We would be happy to work with you on a new system!

Universal Upgrade Alternator Retrofit Kits

*Upgrade To "SI" Series*

Another kit that we've come up with is a generic retrofit kit for upgrading a 12V Generator or 12V external regulated Alternator charging system to the new later model "SI" series internal regulated Delco Alternator. For the early Tractors, the "D" series line of Tractors or the later 160- on Tractors, we can build a simple but nice charging system no matter what year your Tractor is. This system will upgrade the old 6V systems also. (Bulbs & Ignition coil need to be changed. See our full kits)

This kit comes with the popular Delco 10 "SI" Alternator, a Voltmeter to monitor the charging rate, and enough wiring to upgrade the charging side of the system. Optional mated Ignition key switches are available for an extra charge on some special applications. Installation instructions come with the kit also to install the system on your Tractor. This system works in conjunction with the OEM system still intact. This kit does not upgrade the whole wiring system, just the charging side of the system for a nice up to date charging system. This system works excellent for those "D" series Tractors with the old external regulated Voltage Regulators and the old "DN" series Delco Alternators or Generator systems. Upgrade your charging system now with one of our upgrade Alternator kits! Make that Tractor more reliable than ever before! Give us a call today! Optional mounting bracket kits available also for early model Tractors. Kits Starting At: $250.-325 + shipping depending on what you want..

Why us?

At B&B, we take pride in offering our Tractor wiring systems in complete "kit" form. When taking on a job of rewiring a vehicle, it makes life so much easier when the installer doesn't have to run out after every little part and piece to get the job done! Our wiring kits come with all the necessary parts and components to do a professional wiring job. Not all of our customer's are mechanics or are into wiring, so with our step by step instructions, numbered & colored circuitry, and color coded CAD wiring diagrams that come in our kits, this turns our customer's into "wiring guru's" in a weekend!

Unlike other companies that sell electrical components & parts, at B&B, if you contact us with any questions, you will be speaking directly to the designer of our wiring systems & products. That makes all the difference in the world when trying to get an answer!

Made in the USA!!

Our Parts & Services Offered

* Generator Rebuilding

* Starter Motor Rebuilding

* Alternator Rebuilding

* Distributor Rebuilding

* Distributor Recurving

* Magneto Rebuilding

* Carburetor Rebuilding

* H/L Switch Rebuilding

* Custom Built Battery Cables

* Custom Built S/P Wire Sets

* Custom Built Fuse Panels

* Custom Built Cir. Brkr Panels

* Custom Built Battery Boxes

* HD Voltage Regulators

* HD High Amp Switches

* HD Starter Switches

* HD Relay Assemblies

* Custom Allis Gauges

* Lamps & Lighting Parts

* Dash ID & Pilot Lights

* Convoluted & Fiber Loom

* Terminal & Junction Blocks

* Delphi Connector Depot

* Weathertite Connectors

* Pertronix Electronic Ignition

* Pertronix Blaster Coils

* Autolite Spark Plugs

* Standard Blue Streak Parts

* Allis-Chalmers Tuneup Kits

* Fairbanks/Morse Parts

* Wico Magneto Parts

* Delco Remy Parts

* Rebuilt Delco Distributors

* Rebuilt IH Distributors

* Rebuilt Distributor Drives

* New/Used Instrument boxes

* Fram Oil & Fuel Filters

* Fram Hydraulic Filters

* Engine & Drivetrain Seals

* Engine Gaskets

* Clutch Parts/Components

* Cooling System Parts

* Small Engine Parts

* Zenith Carburetor Parts/Kits

* Marvel Carburetor Parts/Kits

* Holley Carburetor Parts/Kits

* Carter Carburetor Parts/Kits

* CR Seals/Gaskets

* National Seals/Gaskets

* Bower BCA Bearings/Races

Mfrs Product Line:

* Accel Ignition Parts

* Airtex Products

* Autolite Spark Plugs

* Belden Ignition Products

* Bower BCA Bearing

* Cole Hersee Components

* Delco Remy

* Dana Products

* Delphi Electrical Parts

* Echlin Products

* Felpro Gaskets/Seals

* Fram Filters & Components

* Filko Ignition Products

* Fairbanks/Morse

* Holley Products

* Mallory Ignition Parts

* MSD Ignition Components

* Molex Electrical Parts

* Niehoff Electrical Parts

* Pertronix Ignition Parts

* Standard/Bluestreak Ignition

* Victor/Renz Gaskets