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aad.1500-01D Voltmeter- 8-18V SunPro White backround red needle / For12V conversion systems


The same Voltmeter that is used in our 12 volt conversion wiring systems, this SunPro unit has a White backround, black letters with a red needle. Very visable from the driver's seat and easy to read. Always use a Voltmeter in lieu of an Ammeter when using an Alternator for the charging chores. High amp Alternators when full fielded, can overpower and heat up an Ammeter and start a possible fire or damage to your wiring system. A Voltmeter is always a safer way to go when converting your Tractor over to 12 volts and using an Alternator.

B&B TECH TIP:  Keep in mind, an Ammeter is a "flow meter" and needs full power run through it in order for it to tell you something. Half the time the needle bounces around and you can't figure out what the Hell its trying to tell you in the first place! A Voltmeter splices into the system and gives you more accurate information. It also is much safer when used with an Alternator.

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