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aaj.1500-02A Oil Pressure Gauge: w/ White backround w/Allis-Chalmers name Mechanical


Models: B,IB,C,CA & G     RC,WC,WF,WD,WD45

A nice reproduction mechanical oil pressure gauge that is designed for most early AC Tractors. A direct replacement with 1/8 NPT pipe thread makes a nice, easy replacement! Replaces the OEM oil pressure gauge with the same type face design with the Allis-Chalmers name.Actual oil pressure range is 0-30 PSI.

B&B TECH NOTE:    This gauge is not designed for an instrument panel. It has no provision to hold it in a panel. This is a mechanical screw-in type gauge that mounts on the oil filter adapter 90 degree elbow fitting just like OEM.

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