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adg.1501-02A Switch- Headlight/Charging 3 position Rebuilt less rod and knob EXCHANGE 6V


Charging system not working? Smoke coming out of the instrument panel? Could be a bad Headlight/Charging switch. As part of our services, we offer the OEM Delco Remy 3 position Headlight/Charging switch to our customer's on an exchange program. We're probably the only knuckeheads on the planet that still make and sell parts for these extinct switches. Send us your OEM Delco switch (as pictured) and we'll ship you back one all rebuilt and ready for another 60 years of service!  If your rod and knob are free and not rusted, keep them and we'll send you back our replacement switch. You just re-install your rod n' knob and yer' done! If the switch is completely shot or you don't have one, we sell them outright also! All our switches now come with our brand new OEM replacement 3.0 Ohm Resistor.

Note: Exchange program only pertains to the Delco Remy switch shown. There was a backup switch that was made by Indak Corp. which was square. We do not service that particular switch or take that switch for exchange. Must have this Delco Remy round switch with fuse tower for the exchange program. You need to send us your switch first so we can inspect it and see if its good enough to use as a core. Switches that we receive for rebuilding that are not rebuildable we will contact the customer to let them know. They have the option of purchasing one of our rebuilds outright.

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