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adh.1501-02B Switch- Headlight/Charging 3 position Rebuilt w/rod and knob EXCHANGE 6V


Our rebuilt three position Headlight/Charging switch is available with or without the rod n' knob. If the rod & knob on your switch is okay to reuse, just send us your Delco switch. We'll swap out your rebuildable core and shoot you out our rebuilt. If you need the rod & knob, we can supply that also! Per your request, we also can rebuild your switch providing its a good core to rebuild. Our rebuilt headlight/charging switches now come with our brand new flat 3.0 Ohm OEM replacable resistor. 

NOTE: There is another 3 Position Headlight/Charging switch that Allis-Chalmers used which is made by a company named Indak. This switch is square in shape, not round like the AC Delco switch we rebuild. We do not rebuild the Indak switch, so we do not take them in as a core. You need the same Delco Remy round switch as pictured.

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