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adl.1501-02F Switch- Headlight Push/Pull style for 12V systems 4 terminal w/fuse


A multi-function switch with 2 positions. The same switch used in our 12V conversion systems when needing more than one or two terminals to power extra lighting, or just general accessories. Equipped with a 20 amp AGC fuse. Also included, is a 30 amp AGC fuse for more accessory protection. Available with Black knob, and a couple different style knobs from our selection of knobs we offer. Other knobs are extra other than whats shown in Ivory or Black.

B&B TECH TIP:   This switch works excellent for two different lighting circuits. If you have a work lamp out back on your Tractor and don't need to use it all the time, you can install the work lamp on the second position of this switch. First position would be Headlights & Tailights. Second position can be for the work lamp. This switch works out pretty slick for those types of applications. Available as an option in our 12V Conversion Wiring Systems!!

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