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ads.1501-03A Switch- Starter motor mounted push button for Push or Pull Starter rods (Heavy Duty) 6V


A nice heavy duty replacement starter mounted switch. Heavy contacts underneath the unit means long lasting service. Copper stud and brass nut and lock washer means good current flow. USA made! Heavy return spring. Not cheap chinese junk!  Connect your cam and starter rod and your ready to go! These are limited because their USA made. A rarity now a days...

NOTE: Always inspect and make sure the contact pad on your Starter motor is in good condition!! Our switch will provide long service life only if providing the contact pad is not burned up from previous cheap switches! If there are signs of pitting and deteriation on the contact pad, have the pad renewed before installing our switch for long life and service and excellent Starter motor engagement! Also, our switch will not repair a Starter motor that is very worn and has been in service for many years without being rebuilt. AWAYS have your Starter motor inspected and tested by a competant rebuilder to make sure the Starter is in fact in excellent shape for operation!  We offer Starter motor rebuilding services....

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