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ady.1501-05A Switch- Ignition Push/Pull style w/hour glass knob for Model G Tractors 2 term. 6V or 12V


This is our version of a heavier push/pull Ignition switch for the Model G Tractor and the "D" series Tractors up to the D21. For the "D" series Tractors, the switch comes with two 90 degree blade adapters. It still retains the "hour glass" style knob on the front, so it looks like the real McCoy outside either panel. Actually, its a little fancier on the "D" series Tractors.  This switch is a direct replacement of the junky OEM switch the G & "D" series had. This switch will also work on 12V wiring systems as well. This is the same switch we use in our 12V conversion systems for the little Model G Tractor and "D" series Tractors. Two terminal, screw style hook-up for the G, and two spade terminal adapters for the "D" series. Nice HD switch. USA made!

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