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aje.1502-07A 6V D14 EARLY TRACTORS- equipped with push button start button


Designed for the push button start early 6V D14 Tractors. Kit comes with rear lighting harness also. As with all our other "D" series wiring systems, this system is built to YOUR Tractor.

NOTE:  ALL "D" series wiring systems are available with our upgrade HD Ignition Switch and plug. This Ignition switch replaces the silly Garden Tractor switch that AC used that was basically way to light to do the job. Hence, the common burned up wiring behind the dash.  See the picture for our upgrade high amp Ignition switch. Switch and plug are a $55. dollar option added to the kit. If ordering one of our "D" series wiring systems with the optional high amp Ignition switch and plug, we will wire and install it while we build the system. All you do is install it in the dash...

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