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bte.1510-05 New replacement HD Contact Point set w/rub block lubrication pad


The only set of points we carry in stock are Standard Motor Products "Blue Streak" Ignition line of tune-up parts. All the rest is Chinese junk! Whether you're pullin' a plow, or pullin' a sled, these points will last a long, long time!  Around here we call em' the "Super Points". They also handle Ignition enhancements quite well also. Stick as much current through em' you want. They're tough!! Available for 6 cylinder applications also.

For these popular Delco 4 Cylinder Distributors for AC Tractors:  1111411, 735, 745, 609, 708, 1112593, 688, & other models. If you are not sure which contact set fits your Distributor, e-mail us or give us a call. We'll fix you up with the correct HD contact set for your particular application. Its the old "you get what you pay for" slogan. We've been an SMP Blue Streak dealer since 1970!

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