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bth.1510-08 New high voltage replacement Coil for 12 volt applications 3.0 ohms


This is the same coil we use for all of our 12V conversion wiring systems. This coil is 12 Volts and has a built-in 3.0 Ohm resistor which keeps Mother Nature from messing around with it in rainy wet or snowy weather.Stay away from Ballast Resistors and go with our 3.0 Ohm built-in resisted coil. Ballast resistors didn't work under the hoods of 60's Automobiles, they sure as Hell ain't gonna work out in the elements on a Tractor without having issues. The output of this coil is approx. 28K volts. We also offer a higher voltage output in the Pertronix version. See our 1510-09 Coil.

B&B TECH TIP:   When converting a 4 cylinder engine over to 12V's, you must have 2.7-3.3 Ohms of resistance in the Ignition circuit. Our coil puts you smack dab in the center and makes that 4 banger run beautifully!!

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