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bud.1510-02B Electronic Ignition upgrade conversion for Tractors w/ 12V Positive Ground systems 4 Cylinder Engines


Not only do we have Electronic Ignition kits for 6V Tractors, but for 12V Tractors also. Whether converted to 12V or originally 12V from the factory, we can help you out with whatever system you decide to run.  We handle in stock 6V PG, 12V PG, or 12V NG module kits.

Because of the influx of Chinese junk Ignition parts, here's the perfect time to rid yourself of the aggrivation of that junk, and install an Electronic Ignition and never worry about points n' condenser again! Installs within a 1/2 hour. Check out our "How To" on the E.I.'s here in our website. Qucker starts, smoother running engines, equal current to all spark plugs, better combustion! Cheap power! That's what you get with Pertronix electronic ignition kits. GO E.I.!!   GO B&B!!

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