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bue.1510-03C Electronic Ignition upgrade conversion for Tractors w/12V Negative Ground systems 4 Cylinder Engines


Whether 12V Postive Ground, or 12V Negative Ground, at B&B we got ya covered for either system. Call us today, and install one of these cool units in your Distributor. You'll never go back to points and condenser again!!

Note:  Because of the influx of Chinese junk Ignition parts, now is the perfect time to upgrade to an Electronic Ignition. Never worry about junk Chinese ignition failures again. Install an E.I. today!! Check out our "How To" on installing an E.I. here in our website. Within a 1/2 hour and your ready to fly!  GO E.I. !!  GO B&B!!

We also carry Pertronix ignition kits for 6 cylinder AC Tractors also! Give us a call!

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