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eck.1605-11 Hood To Fuel Tank Insulator Kit- Models: WC,WF,WD,WD45 White in Color


Professional paint jobs are not cheap!  Let's face it. The Paint and materials are super expensive, and if you have to pay for them to be applied, that adds to the cost. When it comes to installing your nicely painted hood on top of your nicely painted fuel tank, there's a large chance that your expensive paint will start to get ruined as the Tractor is driven between the hood rubbing on the fuel tank. Our cotton woven super soft insulating material not only will insulate the hood from rubbing on the fuel tank and removing the paint but also will help keep the hood quiet as well as tight while on the move. Our soft woven material also has a removable sticky back should you decide to stick it to the hood to keep it from moving. The option is up to you. Our insulator can be just slid in between the hood and tank without attaching it to the hood. Once the hood is bolted down, the insulation will stay right where you put it.  Cut a little longer than needed, one can cut the insulator to any length needed. 

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