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New Products From B&B Custom Circuits

King D21 System- Big Tractor, Big System!

Our D21 Wiring System Kit

One of the new products that we just released is the wiring system for the D-21 model Tractor. This new wiring system is built using an original OEM wiring system. The old system made for a good pattern to use and is a new addition to the long line of wiring systems from us at B&B Custom Circuits! What's unique about this new system is we replaced the old style Molex pin type plugs with the newer Delphi style plugs. The big advantage with these plugs versus the old Molex style plugs is these Delphi plugs are the 56 style GM flat blade connectors which have more surface contact and is much better than the old pin style plug. The old Molex plugs collect a lot of corrosion as they age, and with a pin for a connection point, looses contact very quickly. Because the Molex plugs butt together instead of plugging inside one another, leaves a lot for Mother Nature to corrode everything. The flat "56" style male/female blade connectors we use makes twice the contact, and with a dab of Dielectric grease in the two plugs before they're mated together will keep that connection like new and keep Mother Nature out! This kit also comes with the new short cables for connections at the manifold heater solenoid as shown in the pic. Our new Delphi plugs plug into one another for a nice tight seal to keep moisture and the elements OUT!

The new D21 kit comes with this new rear lighting system also, which to, has the new style Delphi connectors and terminals. At each end of the Tailight module, are the same terminal ends as the original harness so you can plug right into your existing fender lamps and auxilary socket if so equipped. This wiring system kit also comes with a "Dash Packet" which has all new dash sub-wiring such as dash lighting circuits, new fuse holders w/new fuses, switch wiring, and gauge wiring. All wiring is color coded the same as OEM so a simple service manual can be used to make your connections at the proper place using the wiring diagram in the manual. 

Dash, Flood, & Master switches are available as an option for this kit. We also offer new gauges to replace any broken or failed gauges your D21 may have. 

As with all of our custom built kits, you can purchase the rear lighting module by itself. We do supply you with the new mating connector to splice onto your original system. All n' all, this is a nice kit! And as always, if there's something in the wiring of your Tractor that's a little different than our kit, we can revise your wiring system at no charge to fit your Tractor. Because these "D" series Tractors have some different options and accessories, that were available, this changes the wiring slightly. If this is the case with your particular application, have no fear, B&B is here, and we'll revise the system as per your instructions and information. Nooooo problem!


Our new 210/220 wiring system kit is now ready to go! Built from an original OEM system used as a pattern, color coding is identical to OEM. Our Polyethelene crosslinked Marine wire is the foundation of the kit like our other wiring systems. Some circuitry has been bumped up one gauge higher to handle loads better. Sub wiring also comes with it. The rear lighting system is not available as of yet, but should be ready before the end of this year 2016. As with our D21 wiring system, the plugs on this 210/220 system have been upgraded as well. Delphi flat 56 series terminals are used for better contact surfaces than the old style Molex pin type connectors. A tube of Dielectric grease also comes with this kit. Complete front wiring kit with sub wiring & fuses.

New Products From B&B Custom Circuits              Revised 620/720 Garden Tractor Rear PTO System

Revised 620/720 Replacement Rear Wiring Harness

New for 2016-17 is our revised replacement Rear Headlight/PTO harness. This new revised harness replaces the circuitry for Transmission oil temperature, Electric clutch/PTO, all Headlight circuitry, and Neutral Safety Starting switch circuitry. We still offer the Headlight circuitry separately in our other kits, but the revision for this year is adding all the Headlight circuitry in this kit to take care of everything. Makes it much easier when ordering. Our customer's asked for it, and we delivered!!

New Products From B&B Custom Circuits

Electric Fuel Pump Kit 616-720 Garden Tractors

Revised 620/720 Replacement Rear Wiring Harness

We've been getting calls from our 616-720 Garden Tractor customer's about how their fuel pumps are giving up the ship! When they go searching for a pump or repair parts, the parts are either not available anymore, or a fuel pump has an astronomical price on it from Onan!

Well, we took care of that one! Its been in the making, but here it is! Our new Electric Fuel Pump and Relay wiring kit. This kit comes with a new safety Oil Pressure sending unit that is all pre-wired to the Electric Fuel Pump & Relay. Also comes with a nice sturdy bracket to support the fuel pump and relay. Only 4 wires to hook up. The hot and the ground to the Battery for the relay, and the Blue & White wires which go to the Ignition circuit and Starter solenoid circuits in the OEM harness respectively. I designed the system that when the engine stalls or shuts down for any reason, the fuel pump will stop also. This eliminates a dangerous fire hazard. Also, if the key is left on and the engine isn't running, the pump will NOT operate! It is totally controlled by our new safety Oil Pressure Sender switch which replaces the OEM Onan Switch. You asked for it, and we delivered! Comes with step by step instructions and installs pretty quickly. We give you a new inline fuel filter, 1/8" pipe nipple and mounting hardware. The plumbing is up to your own design for your machine. Don't let your fuel pump bring you to a screeching halt! Kit will be available March 1st, 2017!

Coming in 2021-

New wiring system for 7018H Garden Tractors w/Kohler engine

New front wiring system for 7030 Diesel Tractors

New Pint Size Alternator From B&B!

Well, its finally here! Our little powerhouse Alternator for special applications. Whether you have a puller, a worker, or a show Tractor, here is our 35 amp Mini Alternator from us at B&B. You're probably saying "well its about time" but all good things take time. This is a completely NEW unit which has the mounting at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions. Because this little bugger has a smaller .570 mainshaft, we had to call upon our machine shop to wittle us up a slick new Alternator pulley to fit this little puppy! And that we did! Designed for the 5/8" wide belt, this little Alternator is ready to mount on any early Car, Truck or Tractor with a 5/8" wide V=Belt. The best part about this unit is we made it a 3 wire like the "SI" & "CS" Delco's so as soon as you fire up that Tractor, it starts a' chargin' !! We incorporated our Quick Disconnect Diode Module on this unit as with our other Delco units. Three wire is the way to fly!!

A look at at the back of our Mini Alternator, and its all business! In this particular pic, the load sense wire is jumped to the output stud. The Yellow wire is your 12V key switch feed that has our inline diode on board. The Grey Fuse Link protects the Alternator should a short up front occur severing the Alternator from harm.

This unit will fit on the Model C & CA Tractors for extra Drag Link clearance. This unit also comes in our Model G 12V conversion kit. If you don't want to use our "CS 121" Delco Alternator for those applications, you can shift to this Alternator. This Alternator is ideal for that pullin' Tractor your working on. At 35 amps maximum output, this little powerhouse will fit the bill perfectly for your puller! Running an Electronic Ignition? Noooo problem! This will supply more than enough power for even the serious pullin' guys!

OUR CNC MACHINED PULLEY COMES WITH THE ALTERNATOR AS A PACKAGE! Check it out in the "Charging Components Section" .